Tip 4 Change @ unreasonable institute

The most exciting place in the world for social enterpreneurs must be a place where you can develop ideas, models and solutions day and night, supported by fellow changemakers, seasoned mentors and people with money to invest. The Unreasonable Institute in Colorado, USA seems to be such a place!

The Tipping Point team wants to attend a 6 week pressure cooker event and we need your help. VOTE FOR US at the finalist market place and leave us a tip of $ 10 if you want to be part of the movement that may just tip the balance of trade from mean to green.

THANK YOU -and please spread the word: it takes a crowd to tip the balance.


About Gijs Spoor

#socent #systemchange #startup incubation and cocreation

One comment

  1. we raised $ 500 so far. $ 9500 to go in the next month! Join us here: http://marketplace.unreasonableinstitute.org/?p=418

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