Future ready Fashion by Indian brand “nonasties”

Today I met Apu, founder of nonasties, an India based ethical fashion brand linking designers, farmers, factories and fashion fans. As he was preparing fora frisbee tournament in Auroville (that sport seems to attract a particularly cool section of people!) we spoke about textile supply chains, agriculture, rural development and the future of retail.

His brand is on a path of increasing its impact on farmer lives, but they struggle with reliability in the supply chain as do most small designer brands. Orders arrive late, colours wrong, etc.

This lead us to think about a seperate service we could offer from the Tipping Point: supply chain trouble shooting. At least in textiles we know how orders can get stuck and unstuck, and we need to move more product from farmer to customer to increase the impact and TIP THAT BALANCE!

Do leave us a comment and let us know if anyone is interested to pay us for that service.

Then we spoke about organic and fairtrade projects: how to get farmer organisations to grow & mature fast enough so they can take up the responsibilities that come with value chain community membership. We figured that the position of full time field staff is a critical point: they should be secure of their career, but not complacent and dependent on handouts. Ideas anyone? Keep us posted!

More soon. First: go buy those T-shirts!


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