Tracksgiving: potential IT partner

Just met a very cool guy called Ritvidj running a startup supported by UnLtd India.

His venture is called Tracksgiving and he offers a secure payment channel for small donations, including tax exemption statements for donors. Looks like a match made in heaven!

We’re now exploring collaboration, sharing ideas on revenue models and operations.

His revenue is based on a commission from NGO’s receiving the donated funds, whereas we are thinking to charge the retailers a membership fee.

He works with large NGO’s such as CARE India, which has the big advantage of using their existing quality control and Monitoring & Evaluation processes. The Tipping Point is all about local and direct so we face a challenge of ensuring full proof accountability.

Let us know if you know of similar organisations from whom we can learn and with whom we can work. Crowd based solutions need a crowd to share ideas!


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