The Tipping Point is a new venture promoted by Gijs Spoor, Anil Kumar and Bernd Hausmann.

Gijs is a social enterpreneur and Ashoka fellow who founded two organic fairtrade cotton textile organisations in India, mobilising over 10,000 small farmers and connecting them to the fashion industry. He now lives in Auroville, South India, and supports local changemakers.
He came to believe in consumer mobilisation after realising that producers can only push their agenda on buyers to a limit. Beyond that, shoppers need to decide for themselves what change they want to see in the world. Some people care more about trees and the climate, others about women and children. The same goes for producers: no two interpretations of sustainability are the same.
Hence the idea to match groups of producers and consumers who share the same priority and build communities of change.
Anil is an agriculture engineer turned organisation development expert, building teams that reach out to farmer communities across Andhra Pradesh (South India) for extension, inputs and market support. He is graduated in Organic Agriculture (Wageningen UR) and have passion for environmental safety and equal opportunities.
He has ample experience in both the social and business sectors in rural India and believes in a hybrid form of value creation and distribution using transparency and accountability as tools facilitated by India’s unique selling point: Information and Communication Technology (ICT)!
Bernd is a retailer of green fashion, a lecturer on sutainable textiles and convenor of the textile section in the worlds biggest organic tradefair (www.biofach.de)
He came to the Tipping Point through his experience at his concept store chain GLORE where less and less customers believe formal certification is enough. People increasingly want to see personal stories of real impact on real people’s lives. A label does not touch us as much as a genuine story.
He believes track & trace backbone connecting the information flow between producers and consumers is critical for long term relationships across international value chains.
TiP disrupts the textiles value chain with business model innovation support from Value Chain Generation

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