Why is this important?

Why support groups that are already doing stuff? If they are successful apparently they don’t need help, and if they are not, then is my money not going to waste?

I think it is important to answer this question. There are two reasons:

1. As customer you are already responsible for support the production system behind the products you buy. If you would not buy them they would not get produced. So the question is not should I do anything? but WHAT should I do?

2. When you decide to invest -in shares or in social ventures or in farmer groups -you take a calculated risk. There are projects that may have less chance to succeed, but they might need your help more, and others may be more likely to work, but your contribution has less of an impact. We offer both options and will indicate with each project what is the level of risk by showing the group’s track record and the local support services available.

Sometimes there may be a specialist NGO or company providing technical support -for example in drinking water or compost or women education. That would decrease the risk for you. But does that mean that a group trying to implement a similar activity beyond the reach of such expert backstopping deserves no support? The good thing is that this decision is left to the customer. YOU decide what impact you want to make AND what level of risk you are willing to take.

Please leave a comment if you agree / disagree.



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